“We are blessed to have Bruce Boydell of LIFESPAN Consulting Services as our speaker.  The title of his message is Business as Ministry. I believe that Bruce has his finger on the pulse of God’s direction for the churches, communities, and businesses. God has anointed people to be successful in the marketplace.  Bruce will encourage us to “bloom where you are planted”and embrace the belief that each of us is as much a minister as a TV evangelist and pastor.  Our platform is our life and business practices. Our sermons are how we treat our stakeholders and grow the profitability and impact of our businesses.”

Angela Pipersburgh – President , Chester County Christian Chamber of Commerce

“I believe that Bruce Boydell’s contributions to the work of the Education Committee were invaluable.  As a result of his hard work and insights there was a greater appreciation of where the expansion of the Frederick Douglas Christian School fits into the broader needs of the city of Chester.  There is no doubt in my mind that the final outcome of the Committee’s work will be enhanced by the process that we followed under the leadership of Bruce Boydell.  I recommend him without hesitation for any consulting project requiring the skills and attributes described above.”

Daniel R. Apostolu, Member World Impact Board of Directors & Education Committee

“Lifespan helped us immeasurably with the school’s creation in 1994. It has once again assisted us in reviewing Core Values and discerning future direction and brought us to a point where we are confident we can proceed forward.  It was clear from the beginning that Bruce is highly experienced in leading small group discussions, has a keen analytical mind and a strong spiritual base to work from, and has the capacity to draw input from all committee members.  He was well organized, had an agenda and goals for each meeting, thereby minimizing the amount of wasted time.  These meetings were especially valuable to board members because they addressed areas not normally discussed, and also had the effect of building a strategic foundation and common understanding among committee members. I believe Bruce Boydell’s contribution to the work of the Committee was invaluable.  As a result of his hard work and insights, there was a greater appreciation of where the expansion of Frederick Douglas Christian School fits into broader educational needs of the community.. There is no doubt in my mind that the final outcome of the Committee’s work will be enhanced by the process we followed under his leadership ”

Board member – Frederick Douglas Christian School

“I know that the Lord is directing and you are HIS gracious vehicle.  You certainly led me through a critical thought process!  Great job!!  I am sincerely grateful.” Director of Sales and Marketing

National Christian Conference Center

“What you bring to the party is encouragement, wisdom, historical perspective, contacts, etc.  I have not forgotten that you stood with this school when it was much younger.  You helped it exist for today.  Thank you.”

Director of Institutional Advancement – The Christian Academy

“Surely, you must agree that the Lord did something very special among us in Chester, Pennsylvania.  The special celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail will, hopefully, help to refocus our energies and prayers for renewed unity, righteousness and justice in our day.  Thank you for your vigorous participation and support.  Your faithful service and wisdom have been of great blessing to us!

Pastor and Steering Committee member

“I believe your report embodies truth and grace to the recipients.  I appreciate the excellent job you did in working through this situation in a manner that releases the Lord’s wisdom in both business partners.”  The team has done a special service not only to those directly involved, but also to the Body of Christ.”

Director, Teaching The Word Ministries

“I can’t thank you enough for your process guidance and spiritual leadership during our recent Board Retreat.  I found it very exciting to focus for a time on the powerful ways God is working in our world and I found it reassuring to see that we are being obedient to His direction.  Your ability to keep the group focused on the task at hand, yet be flexible in the process when new strategies/strategic information emerge is to your credit also.  We are not an easy group to manage.  I found it a delight and a learning experience working with you both and I hope we get the chance to work together again soon.”

Executive Director – Cornerstone Pregnancy Care Services

“I want to personally thank you, Joan,  and Bruce for all that you have contributed to the success of the Hope Center and I know deep down that we would not be where we are without you guys,  so you should know that God used you to help us greatly. I am personally extremely grateful to both of you for all your advice and help!”

Jim Maxim – Chairman of the Board – Hope Pregnancy Center – 6/2/2010

Joan and Bruce maintained confidentiality with the staffand did an excellent job of building “swift trust” with all of those involved.  They followed a Biblical model in their delivery and discernment.  They spoke ‘Truth in Love” to us. Lifespan was very organized and professional. For sure we would consider them to help us in developing our strategic plans for the future.  The board is currently working through the process of implementing the recommendations made by Lifespan.  I personally plan on utilizing the information they provided to expedite healing and trust within the organization.

Family Life Services  – Julie Abel, Executive Director

What a joy to learn that you are both going to be ordained. From the love of God I saw in you during the brief period I was with you, and from the commitments you have made for the work of God, I do not find it a surprise that you are going to be ordained.  I assume that it will be an occasion for you to re-confirm your commitments as Christian servants.  It is very rarely that we find a couple like you so similar in their love for God and determination to serve Him.  I think this is not just a coincidence but God’s design for His Kingdom’s work.  I hope your ministry will extend to this part of the world, and we will be able to benefit from what the Lord has put in you.

Zinabu Gebre-Mariam – Professor and University President  Ethiopia

“Joan did an excellent job with a difficult subject.”    Care Net 2017 Conference Attendees and Workshop Participants

“The best workshop this week!”

“Fantastic information.”

”You listened to me.  My mother doesn’t listen to what I say.”

Counseling client

“Thank you for helping me get through this hard time.”

Counseling client

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